Wednesday, May 11, 2011

James is 3 Weeks Old 2011

Milestones: For baby's first Cinco de Mayo he lost his belly button. It's still healing up a bit though so we haven't given him a tub bath yet. The baby has also been working on holding his own bottle which would free up about 6 hours a day for me. Keep practicing, James!

James at 17 Days 2011
Working on hand coordination

Weekly Wisdom: I've given up on doing anything for myself during the day, and this makes it psychologically easier. I just feed, burp, change, bounce, and entertain him to keep screaming to a minimum all day. Napping together is my favorite part. If Kevin is home then I get to do things for myself like shower, eat meals at reasonable times, and answer emails. Luckily Kevin is home 4 days a week because of his teaching schedule at the university. So lucky.

James has a minimum of two fussy periods a day, where he cries for no reason. Driving the baby around puts him a sleep coma, but we pay for it in the evening hours. Pushing him around in a stroller has the temporary effect of letting him nap for as long as you're pushing him around. Bouncing him around is the hardest option but also the most commonly used, especially at night.

James at Three Weeks 2011
Fussy time face

Best  moment/s: Spending my first Mothers' Day with my beautiful mother, new baby, and awesome husband.

Monday, I finally got to eat RAW sushi again. Happiness.

Also, the baby and I had a fairly easy day alone today for the first time. So I'm either getting the hang of this or there will just be hell to pay tonight.

Visitors: Sarah and Lukas met James for the first time, and Jon and Briggs were the first second-time visitors (besides the grandmas)

James at 17 Days 2011
Sarah T enjoys some baby-love

James at 17 Days 2011
James being deceptively good to fool people into having babies

James at 19 Days 2011
19 Days, May 9th

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