Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winning! 2011

Kevin just got back from Nick's bachelor party in Atlantic City, and he's up a whole $30 after playing for 8 hours. That's almost $4 an hour! Although, it's a lot better if you count all the free drinks he got.  On the other hand, he's a new dad. All the free drinks he got are sort of a detriment today, and maybe will be tomorrow as well.

Kevin's escapades remind me that we still haven't announced the winner of the Baby Bets game.  Let's do a little break down first. There were 23 guesses total.  Of those, only 9 of you guessed that the baby would be a boy: Kevin's mom, my mom, Chrissy, Cory, Roger, Brady, Christina, Brian, Teresa, and Jon. Everyone guessed low on the weight, I mean, who would have been mean enough to guess that I'd have an almost 10 pound baby? However, Jon, Briggs, and Brady were the closest on the weight, in that order. Melanie, Meghan, my mother, and Jon all guessed the correct length. Brady, Meghan, Christina, and Briggs guessed the correct date, but of those, Brady was the closest in hours. He guessed the baby's birthday within 3 hours and 8 minutes.

Easter 2011

The winner was the person with the lowest points, with points assigned as following: Wrong gender: 400 points; Birth date: 1 points / hour; Weight: 5 points / ounce; Length: 5 points / inch. (Perhaps more points should have been assigned to inches?) The winner was Brady with 118.13 points. Runners up were Christina with 138.23 points, and Teresa with 164.30. To see the rest, click the link below. Since we said the prize would be winner-based we're thinking of going to get Peter Lugars burgers with Brady if we can find a babysitter for a lunchtime date.That might take a while though.

i love gambling

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Anonymous said...

I accept this honor with my humblest thanks. My years of experience in the midwiferic arts have finally paid off in burger form. I take serious my state-appointed duties as your spiritual and menu advisor.


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