Saturday, April 30, 2011

James is 1 Week Old! 2011

James's One Week Birthday 2011
Commemorating his one-week birthday with a candle in an eclair

Milestones: First time seeing the baby, holding the baby, first diaper change (we did it together and despite a clean diaper covering him- he peed on us), going home, first sponge-bath, first doctor's appointment

Weekly Wisdom: As I wrote on Facebook, one of the first things that babies teach you is that you don't know anything about anything. This is a good thing to learn.

Best moment/s: It's the first week so there were countless great moments and I'm not going to pick. Seeing the baby for the first time! Seeing Kevin with the baby. Looks like I made him a new best friend. Their mutual adoration society is the best ever. I was also so happy to snuggle with Kevin again. How did I make it all those months without it? Seeing how happy the baby makes the grandmothers. Skin to skin with the baby. Seeing the baby get cuter every day (or the attachment hormones reach a critical level).

Worst moment/s: Waiting 4 hours to see the baby after I had him. The first night at the hospital with the nurse from hell. Having trouble breathing the first night. Thursday when we sent the baby to get his circumcision and the look he gave us when he got back from the procedure. Friday at 5 am, when they brought back the baby from the nursery and told us he had lost a pound. Monday evening when I got a fever and chills from messing up my breastfeeding schedule. It felt really really bad.

Baby-size: 9 pounds 2 oz at his Monday appointment. (9 pounds 12 ounces at birth, 8 pounds 12 ounces at hospital discharge)

Weight: I gained a total of 42 pounds with the pregnancy. When I returned home and got on the scale I was horrified that I had only lost the weight of the baby and nothing else. But I was also as puffy as the Marshmallow Man from water retention so I kept that in mind. [Disclosure: things are already better now that I'm in week 2.] So 32 to go, but I'm not going to try to lose weight until the baby is 6 or 7 weeks.

James's One Week Birthday 2011
I'm glad I married a man I love and respect because I made a mini-him

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