Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Going Home with James 2011

We were not the type of parents that felt shell-shocked to take the baby home. We could not wait to leave the hospital. It took most of Saturday, and many calls to various doctors, nurses, and labs to get them to come discharge us. I was discharged by my doctor, then we had to wait for some of his lab tests to come back before the hospital would discharge James, and I had to fill out a bunch of forms. The hospital basically held us hostage for hours. But at last they let us go!

Going Home Day 2011
James's going home outfit

2011 04 23 First Car ride- Smooshy Faced
First car ride!

2011 04 23 First time Home- VID00008-002
Being carried in by Kevin

Coming home video

My mother was waiting for us at our place on Saturday and she was very eager for us to arrive. And I was more than happy to watch her sponge bathe him that evening. She looked very happy doing it, and James seemed to enjoy it too.

Going Home Day 2011
First sponge bath at home!


Brian J. Leung said...

Weird that you were home all this time while Kevin was out there delivering a baby? Nice of you to welcome him home though!

eralon said...

Ha! I told him him that if he could have the baby, I would let him. I will call you back soon! I have been BUSY.

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