Sunday, April 17, 2011

Due Date 2011!

I have heard "Happy Due Date!" a few times today. Indeed. Let me explain something, my circumference is 49 inches, and my height is only 60 inches. Weebles wobble and they might fall down.

40 Weeks 2011
40 Weeks, holy cow!

In lieu of a baby, I have received another nefarious pregnancy symptom today, some sort of pregnancy rash. It looks and feels like it I was attacked by a swarm of angry mosquitoes last night. I counted 18 bug-bite-like-bumps. I can't be sure which one of three different pregnancy rashes I have, but I'm fairly sure it's harmless. I called the doctor two weeks ago with a more minor case, and I got one of the doctors I don't regularly see. She was fairly dismissive of the whole thing, which I hope is a good thing. Then I showed my regular doctor at the 38-week appointment, but by that time the "bites" had mainly healed and she wasn't concerned.   I'm going to call again tomorrow, but my educated guess is that she's going to tell me to slap some calamine or Benedryl on it and deal with it until Wednesday. And then of course, I won't use Benedryl because it's a class B drug and I'm the world's most paranoid mother-to-be. I have some calamine in front of me, which I'm using very sparingly.

The baby has been very active today despite how incredibly full-of-baby I am. How does he find any room? I would say that maybe he's getting ready for his debut, but I'm tired of predicting his arrival only to be shot down by the baby. I'm just focused on Wednesday now.  In the meanwhile, I constantly feel little poking hands and feet. It's weird that I can distinctly make out most of the body parts now.

All day long he's been doing this.

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