Friday, April 29, 2011

James's First Doctor's Visit 2011

James's first pediatrician visit on Monday was great. Dr. G saw us right away. His nurse weighed the him 9 pounds 1 ounce, so he gained 5 ounces in two days (but really in about a day and a half). The doctor wasn't too concerned about his original weight loss. He said he had never had a child die of starvation in his practice. Good to know!

First Doctors Visit 2011
Kevin and James in the waiting room

The doctor said I should start over with breastfeeding since it had been unsuccessful so far. He said to breastfeed for 5 minutes only and build up two minutes at a time to 15 minutes, and then give him formula every 1.5-3 hours. James should be drinking 1 ounce to 1.5 ounces of formula. Dr. G said not to wake up James to feed at night and to pray we got on the same schedule. James will make up for any missed feeding in the daytime. I liked hearing that!

James wore the H&M brown striped onesie and matching brown pants my mother gave us when she first learned we were pregnant. I brought a hat that I realized was too big for him once it fell down in the car and I fussed in the car about bringing him in without a hat. Kevin thought it was silly that I thought people in the waiting room would think I was a negligent parent because he didn't have a hat, or think that I was an incompetent one for having him wear a hat that was too big. I told him I was also worried about what the doctors thought. I tried to nonchalantly carry in the hat as though I had made a conscious decision that the baby was warm. He actually was warm enough, and it was a nice Spring day.

First Doctors Visit 2011
James and me in the examination room

He was good the entire time pretty much except that they got him naked to weigh him- no diaper even. We thought that was a dangerous move. He was fine, then the nurse left the room and said to put his diaper back on and that the doctor would be right in. That's when James decided to pee all over the examining table, his own face, and Kevin's work shirt for the day. Kevin and I started to rush around cleaning up the whole mess before the doctor came back in. Later Kevin said he was worried the doctor would come back in and judge us. I said, "Ah see, you're worried about being judged too." He said, "Yes, but I'm talking about urine dripping off the baby's head." Good point.

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