Monday, April 9, 2012

James's first trip to DC and to visit Cory and Robin 2012

We had a few extra days to travel since Kevin is on Spring Break from teaching classes, so we decided to visit Cory and Robin in DC.  Kevin's visited Cory a few times in the past, but I've never stayed with them in DC before.  They have a lovely condo in an up-and-coming neighborhood.  Their furniture and decorations speak of the international travel they've done together and everything feels very new and homey. James loved their floor-to-ceiling windows, and spent a lot of time looking out and planting his lips on the glass.

Washington, DC 2012
James first trip to DC- what a great photo! Thanks Cory!

Cory took Monday off, so after we used his guestroom for a ridiculously long family nap (all three of us in a row passed out with our mouths open), Cory took us to the Hill for lunch at Good Stuff Eatery. I cannot express how much I enjoyed my cheeseburger there. I felt like I had been craving that exact burger for months.

Washington, DC 2012
The boys at lunch on the Hill

The cherry blossoms bloomed early this year, so we skipped the Tidal Basin, but there were still cherry blossoms here and there on the Hill so we got a photo near the Capitol and then headed over to the National Mall to meet Robin.

Washington, DC 2012
DC cherry blossoms in front of the Capitol

Washington, DC 2012
Cory and Robin on the National Mall

Since we were close to the Hirshorn sculpture garden, I took everyone to see my favorite sculpture in DC, "Needle Tower" made by Kenneth Snelson in 1968. The picture below is what it looks like when you approach it, and I'm not terribly impressed by the side view.  For me, the magic happens when you step up on the lawn and stand under the sculpture. Something about the set up vaguely discourages standing under the statue, but if you look carefully there's a depression in the grass right under it, so obviously a lot of people know.  If you live in or visit DC regularly you should go look for yourself.  If you never go, I'm including a link to what it looks like from below.

Washington, DC 2012
Needle Tower (see from below here- don't click if you live in DC!)

Then we went over to the grassy area of the National Mall so that I could get a picture of all of us in front of the Washington Monument.  Cory took the photo while Robin made James smile- best. photo. ever. Thank you guys!  James had a little playtime in the grass, which was interrupted by a poop and a very public and messy changing.  Five seconds after we let him go back to playing he fell down and busted his lip on his teeth. Lots of blood and crying.  So with that, we head back to Cory and Robin's.

Washington, DC 2012
James running around having fun

Washington, DC 2012
Loves his daddy, and DC

Washington, DC 2012

We took advantage of being in DC and ordered Turkish food for delivery. Really. Amazing isn't it? Robin's sister actually lives in Turkey, so she even had Raki, a Turkish liquor similar to Greek ouzo, but better. Yum. Then newlyweds Roger and Lina came over and we all watched the NCAA Men's National Championship basketball game together. Fun times!


Robin said...

Thanks for visiting! You're welcome back any time :-)

eralon said...

Yay! Thanks for your hospitality and for introducing me to Raki!

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