Tuesday, April 10, 2012

James's First Trip to Charlottesville 2012

Last week, we took James to Charlottesville, Virginia, where Kevin and I first met. We haven't been to Charlottesville since Lukas and Sarah's wedding in 2010 because it's such a long way from where we live now.  So while we were in DC, and Kevin had time off from school we decided to keep going and visit.

I lived there for 3 years while I went to law school, and Kevin lived there for 7 years, 3 for college (he graduated early) and 4 that overlapped the years I was there.  We only spent 2 of those years there together, but they were 2 really great years.  So we took James to see where the magic that made him started.

Charlottesville, VA 2012
The three of us on UVA Grounds- Day 2 (yes, I popped James's collar)

We were there two days, and we started both days by walking around the grounds and taking photos. UVA is so beautiful, which I'm sure is one of the reasons it's the only university in the United States to be designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Charlottesville, VA 2012
James running around Grounds with his new UVA shirt- Day 1

On the day we arrived, Tuesday, we also met up with James W. whom we hadn't seen in ages. We went to a place that hadn't existed when we lived there but had great food and draft beer, Beer Run.  James met James for the first time, and W. taught C. to fist bump over dinner.

Charlottesville, VA 2012
Fist-bumps with James W.

After dinner, we all went to the Downtown Mall, and James W. kindly took some photos of the 3 of us.   We took a photo in front of Mudhouse Coffeehouse because that's where we met in July 2006, almost 6 years ago. From a cup of coffee to baby James!

Charlottesville, VA 2012
Where we met 6 years ago, and took engagement photos, 4 years ago

Charlottesville, VA 2012
Chalkboard on the Downtown Mall, where we took a photo 2 years ago

Day 2, James was pretty tired from traveling and took a long luxurious nap at the hotel before we started our day.  After walking around grounds, we ate at Revolutionary Soup, which has the most amazingly delicious soup ever- Vegan Spicy Senegalese Peanut Tofu. I used to get it all the time in 2007 and 2008, and I was so pleased to see it on the menu. We left after James puked some little chicken pieces all over his little shoes. It was time for his second nap, so we tried to see how far we'd get in the trip back home before he woke up.  Not too far, so we ended up also visiting a random town on the way back, Mt. Jackson. More on that later... Kevin's turn to write.

Charlottesville, VA 2012
My cute sweet boys enjoying hotel nap time

Charlottesville, VA 2012
Playing on grounds

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