Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lukas and Sarah's Wedding 2010!

This weekend we went to the wedding of our friends Sarah and Lukas in Charlottesville, Virginia. Lukas, Sarah, and Kevin went to undergrad at UVA together. Kevin actually gave Lukas some advice about how to pursue Sarah before he asked her out. Like our last wedding, the bride and groom had been together for ten years before tying the knot.

Thorn Wedding 2010
With Lukas's friends from UVA, and their wives and fiances

The wedding was at Ash Lawn-Highland, the scenic home of President James Monroe, and location of my seventh date with Kevin. The bride is a fashion designer and she made her own incredible stylish dress. The groom is a once-upon-a-time Ping Pong Champion, so in lieu of a first dance, their first married act was a game of Ping Pong. It was pretty awesome, and the bride won. My favorite part of the wedding was the very sentimental ceremony. There was a lot of crying in the audience. The bride and groom are very loved.

Thorn Wedding 2010
The view at Ash Lawn-Highland

Thorn Wedding 2010
Lukas and Sarah's "first dance," a ping pong game

Thorn Wedding 2010
The cake with love birds atop of it

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