Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedding Guestbook Time Capsule 2010

Kevin and I celebrated our 1st anniversary a week early in Niagara Falls.  But then on the actual day of our anniversary we ate some (badly preserved, really gross) wedding cake and then went to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park to take 1-year anniversary pictures and break open our "Message in a Bottle" guest book.

The idea was that instead of just writing in a wedding guest book, guest would write us a message, put it in the wine bottle, and we would read the messages on our first anniversary.  It fit nicely with our Cape Cod beachy theme, complete with Nantucket Mojitos (Kevin's from Cape Cod + I'm Cuban), beach accents in our centerpieces, and our starfish wine stopper wedding favor.  We actually used the wedding wine stopper in the wine bottle guest book.

R 6-6-10
"Message in a Bottle" guest book

Wedding favor starfish wine stopper

Our First Anniversary 2010
One-year anniversary photo in our then-borough of Brooklyn

Some people asked how we planned to get the messages out. Fair.  I figured we could smash the wine bottle and fish out the messages.  This turned out to be a little trickier than I thought it would because we didn't want to break glass inside our apartment, and breaking it outside could cause us to lose all the messages. So we decided to break it outside, and in a plastic bag.  Brilliant except it's still hard and weird to break a glass bottle outside. Luckily we live in New York, so we found a relatively unpopulated spot, and no one paid too much attention while Kevin smashed his plastic bag with a hammer.

Brooklyn Bridge Park 2010
Kevin showing the bottle who's boss

There were a lot of messages so I decided to be completely biased about it and post those of people who regularly comment on our blog.  Luckily these were also some of the cooler ones.
2009 06 06 message in a bottle 01
Mom and Dad

2009 06 06 message in a bottle 07
Kevin's mom

2009 06 06 message in a bottle 20
Chrissy and Jason

2009 06 06 message in a bottle 26
Lukas and Sarah

2009 06 06 message in a bottle 27
Robin (and Cory)


Chris (sy) (tine) said...

What a fun idea! I love it. And I'm happy our note got onto the blog. We didn't save any cake as we got married in the US and were going to be back in London (with a newborn...) on our anniversary. Maybe we didn't miss out though - you aren't the first people I've heard say the 1-year-old cake wasn't so tasty. xxoo

eralon said...

It had mold. Ick! We had to find a non-moldy part and have one bite each. It was not tasty. I think you need a plastic bag that suck the air out maybe. I think our bakery might sell cake by the slice though. That might be a fun anniversary thing to do one year.

S.I.F. said...

I love the message in a bottle idea! So unique!

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