Saturday, June 26, 2010

Trey Visits 2010!

Trey has become one of our most frequent visitors and has somehow managed to avoid the blog. No more! January 19th, Trey made his first visit to New York. Kevin and Trey went to Kevin's favorite bar Brooklyn Inn, and Sunny had to call Kevin because Trey was having too much fun to remember how to operate his phone. Having had a long long night at work (even though theoretically I was supposed to have been off for MLK Day), I found him sleeping on my couch. He politely lifted his head to say hello as I crashed through the living room in the dark.

Trey Visits NYC 2010
Trey and Kevin near Empanada Mama

The next time he visited was February 24th, and though he didn't stay with us that time, he joined Jon, Kevin and I for a delicious dinner at Vegetarian Paradise in the West Village. Kevin and I love this place even though we're not vegetarians. The Chinese food there doesn't precisely taste like Chinese food, but it tastes like it's own category of deliciousness.

The next time he visited on Cinco de Mayo, Kevin took him to another favorite Brooklyn bar Boat, where they discussed their old man married dreams and hopes. I came home from work late again, and Trey again dutifully lifted his head to say hello. (Worth mentioning because I have missed other guests because of late night work and Trey was the only one to wake up long enough to greet me -- and he did it twice!) But this time we were able to spend a little quality time sharing bagels at breakfast the next morning.

Most recently, Trey visited on June 25th and Kevin and I joined him for drinks at Jimmy's Corner, and dinner at Empanada Mama, where we ordered approximately a million empanadas. This time we all shared our old married person dreams. Rinse, repeat. Can't wait for your next visit, Trey. Please bring Sunny.

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