Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aubree's Bachelorette 2010!

Aubree and Patrick are getting married in late summer and she had her bachelorette party in New York City last Saturday. I had to work during the day so missed their early meals and shopping, but I was able to make it for their evening crawl through Soho and the Lower East Side. We had dinner at Dos Caminos, and the food and margaritas were delicious. The guacamole is amazing and if you order the 4-person size it probably feeds 6 people.

Aubree's Bachelorette 2010
Laura, me, Kim, and Aubree at Libation

Then we had drinks at a lounge Pegu Club, where the waitresses had Asian looking silk robes. This is where the sticker game began, but it didn't really get going until we got to a dance club called Libation in the Lower East Side.

The sticker game was invented by Aubree exactly 6 years to the day before her Bachelorette party, in 2004. While at Taste of the South in DC she began to use free stickers to play a game of tag with the guys at the event. The guys caught on fairly quickly, but that didn't stop the game from being super fun.

Taste of the South 2004
Aubree at Taste of the South, June 5, 2004

Aubree's Bachelorette 2010
A victim of the sticker game in 2010

As we were winding down in the wee hours of the morning we stopped at Lea, an unassuming hookah bar and lounge. This place turned out to be a surprise treasure. The bartenders were very friendly and entertaining. They gave us cookies, let us try the hookah (it's mainly dried fruit and only a little tobacco), made us smoke bubbles, helped Aubree complete things on her bachelorette list, and took pictures. Can we please celebrate Aubree's bachelorette every year?

Aubree's Bachelorette 2010
Me & Aubree

Aubree's Bachelorette 2010
Scratching a dare card

Aubree's Bachelorette 2010
Comparing muscles

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