Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Visiting Janice, Darren, Megan, and Ed 2012

We spent the weekend with Janice, Darren, and their pug, Fudgie. Saturday's highlights included a visit from Megan and Ed who are expecting a baby in two weeks. Megan has the same due date James had last year, but we'll see if she gets lucky with an on-time arrival. It was the first time Megan and Ed met James who is decidedly out of the baby phase and into the toddler-causing-trouble phase.

Visiting the Bucks and Taylors 2012
Bucks + Taylors + Clouthers = Happy

Visiting the Bucks and Taylors 2012
Janice, Megan, (baby William T. in belly), me, and James

James spent the majority of his day alternating between being timid of Fudgie and then chasing Fudgie around trying to grab his tail. James and Fudgie were fast friends and even (to the adult humans' chagrin) insisted on sharing toys. At one point James grabbed Fudgie leash, and Fudgie seemed ready and willing to go for a walk with him. Sadly for Fudgie we don't let James outside by himself. 

Visiting the Bucks 2012
Pretending to walk Fudgie

We also watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn together, and though we claimed we were doing so ironically, I'm going to admit that I loved every cheesy illogical bad-acting moment of it. But it was fun to talk during the movie and crack jokes. Given the nature of the movie, most of our jokes were shockingly inappropriate (ask me in person and I'll tell you though) but here's a family friendly one.

Kevin: "You know what the ONE thing that doesn't make sense about this movie is?"
Darren: "Yeah, they're vampires, so why do they need air bags?"

Apparently, Darren has an issue with the fact that, "Mr Sparkle has a different Volvo in each movie, and what's Volvo's appeal? Safety! You're cursed with eternal life - throw caution to the wind and drive an old British roadster. When it breaks down, you can fly home."

Sunday we went to an Arlington baby park and James ran around touching things he shouldn't, screaming in horror when he walked into the sand box, swinging, and playing a little soccer with Auntie Janice.

Visiting the Bucks 2012
James and Janice playing soccer

Visiting the Bucks 2012
Swinging with "dah-T" (daddy)

Finally, Sunday afternoon Jaime came over to assist the Bucks with babysitting James while Kevin and I enjoyed the Landsman wedding.  It was super nice of the three of them to watch him for us, because as I explained to many people at the wedding, bringing James would have been no fun.  No one would have been pleased when he ate all the flower petals in the aisle or sprinted onto the dance floor during the first dance.  Discipline doesn't work so well on an 11-month-old, especially when said-11-month-old is stronger than his mother.  The Jaime-Janice-Darren babysitting team boldly changed diapers, fed James, gave James his evening bath, delighted in watching more Fudgie-chasing, and happily put him to sleep. No small feat! Thank you buddies!

Visiting the Bucks 2012
Bonus glamour shot of Fudgie because he is that cute

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