Friday, April 20, 2012

James is a Year Old! 2012

I can't believe it's been a year since James was born! The first thing I said when I first saw James was "He's awesome!" and even though he only stared at us and cried for a few months, over the last year he has really lived up to my original declaration.  There is nothing better than hearing him laugh, seeing him shake his shoulders and break into a run when he's up to no good, or getting a big juicy hug from him. James, if you read this one day, your dad and I love you like crazy!

James at 1 Year Old 2012
James, today, at 1 year old!

Growth- James had his 1 year doctor's appointment yesterday! His measurements were 32.5 inches tall (though I think he's actually 31), and 24.4 pounds. He's wearing 12 months pants (or he would if we had any) and 18 month shirts.  He has 7 teeth but the 8th one is starting to show finally.

James at 11 Months 2012
Wearing his Huntsville shirt in the chair that Sarah painted for him

Eating- He's off formula now and according to his doctor he's allowed to eat anything now.  Nonetheless, we avoid cheese because it seems to disagree with him. He's loves everything else so he's just been getting part of whatever we eat at mealtime plus snacks. He feeds himself finger food but he also demands to hold his own spoon with more disastrous results.

Sadly, he still eats books.

James at 11 Months 2012
Studying, March 29

Sleep- James is still sleeping through the night from 8:30 p.m to 6:30 a.m. I don't necessarily have to hold him during naps if I let him sleep in our bed and sit there watching him, he's pretty happy for at least half the nap.

Language/ Social- He's not really into saying real words regularly, but he's been babbling up a storm lately He points at stuff to find out the word.  His favorite game is to point at (poke at) my eye until I say, "ojo."

He understands certain things and acts accordingly. If I ask him, "Quieres leche?" he removes his pacifier to drink milk even if there is no milk in sight. He understands, "no," and a bunch of other things though it's hard to tell sometimes if he doesn't understand or chooses to ignore us.

Even though he just turned 1, he's on month 2 of his "terrible twos."  Maybe by the time he's 2 he'll be perfectly well-behaved?

James at 11 Months 2012
Using his toy screwdriver, April 12

Moving- If he thinks that he's been caught doing something he shouldn't be doing, he jumps up a little, and then he runs away. He does this even though I have caught him every time. Maybe he knows the day he's faster than me is just around the corner.

James at 11 Months 2012
Up to no good, April 15

Happy birthday, James! We're looking forward to your birthday party next week!

James at 1 Year Old 2012
Today at the park for a birthday treat

James at 1 Year Old 2012
We set this up on a timer, but the train went by and distracted James

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i concur that he is indeed pretty awesome

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