Monday, April 23, 2012

James's Month Photos 2012

Many people keep a set where they take a photo each day, it's basically an internet meme called "365." I tried once to do it in 2008, but it was so boring that I failed after a month or two. When James was born, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try again Not only is James the most interesting person for me to document, but it would really show how much he changed day by day. And wow! He's grown so much!

Truth be told, it's really hard to remember every day especially when you're a sleep deprived parent, so I cheated a handful of times.  But it's pretty complete. Here's the summary version with 1 photo a month.

Cape Cod- May 2011
1 Month Old, first trip to the Cape

James at 2 Months 2011 
2 Months and smiling!

James at 3 Months 2011
3 months, getting a little bigger!

Cape Cod- August 2011
4 Months, visiting Grandma again

James at 5 months 2011
5 Months, Mr. Personality, wearing some pants

James at 6 Months 2011
6 Months, starting to sit on his own

James at 7 Months 2011
7 Months, being cheeky probably because he's starting to get teeth

James at 8 Months 2011
8 Months, enjoying Christmas crawling and pulling up

James at 9 Months 2012
9 Months, starting to walk and sleeping through the night!

James at 10 Months 2012
10 Months, running!

James at 11 Months 2012
11 Months, tantrumming about

James at 1 Year Old 2012
12 Months, running around outside

Thanks for the stickers, Christina!

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