Wednesday, September 21, 2011

James is 5 Months Old 2011

James at 5 months 2011
5 months!

James turned 5 months old yesterday and 22 weeks old today. He has developed a lot of personality in the last month.  He's excited to see us in the morning, and he turns to look when you call his name, though I'm not sure if he's recognizing the name or the "look-at-me" tone.  He loves patty cake, though he can't play it yet.  He finds my attempts to play patty cake with him hilarious.  He also likes peekaboo though he finds it less funny.  He's generally more fun, but he freaks out if we step a few feet away from him, and he gets super grumpy if he's teething or it's naptime, which is most of the time. He fights naps with every fiber of his little being, no matter how tired he is. Sleep is the enemy.

At the grandmothers constant instance we tried feeding him cereal and baby food to get him to sleep more.  They said it would increase the amount of time he slept at once at night. The pediatrician (and other parents we know) said it would not. Finally we tried it just to please our mothers.  I am here to report that it did not increase the amount of time he sleeps at night. We even tried feeding it to him at different times, but it didn't make a difference.  At first he didn't care for it, but on the second try he had a change of heart. He loves the pureed sweet potatoes and carrots. He opens WIDE and tries to grab the spoon from me to feed himself. For now though, we've taken him off the food again, since our sleep experiment was a failure. Now he stares at me whenever I eat like I'm selfish for not sharing.

James at 19 weeks + 4 days 2011
Enjoying sweet potatoes (19 weeks + 4 days)

He's really good at grasping things and he can reliably pick things up and put them in his mouth, even his little pacifier.  He prefers the outside part of the pacifier for his teething to the gummy part for sucking.  He also grabs his giraffe around the neck and chews on the giraffe's ears and nose.

James at 19 weeks + 1 day 2011
Writing our rent check (19 weeks + 1 day)

James is on the move! We used to be able to put him down on his activity mat while we put away dishes or something within eyesight.  Now, it's a bit more touch and go.  First he started scooting away on his back.  Then he started rolling over from back to front.  He does that every single time you put him on his back, even though he's not actually a big fan of being on his stomach.  And in the last day or so, he's started occasionally flopping back onto his back.  This means he can roll quite a distance from where you originally placed him.  He also regularly sleeps on his stomach now because I put him in his crib and then he flops over to sleep.

James at 19 weeks 2011
Scooting away on his back (19 weeks)

James at 19 weeks + 4 days 2011
Rolling over! (19 weeks + 4 days)
This is the reason the bumpers went back on the crib.

Finally, James sits for a few seconds when I prop him up.  A week ago he would stay up for a second or two, but now he actually stays balanced for a while sometimes and manages to grab at things before toppling over. Look how pleased with himself he looks! My baby is the cutest.

James at 20 weeks + 6 days 2011
Sitting by himself for a second (20 weeks+ 6 days)

James at 20 weeks + 6 days 2011
Admiring the other handsome baby (20 weeks+ 6 days)

James at 21 weeks + 4 days 2011
Football season has begun! (21 weeks + 4 days)

James at 5 months 2011
Not crawling yet, but looks like he's preparing! (5 months)

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