Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whom does James look like? 2011

In March, I predicted James would look Asian based on my baby photo and Kevin's baby photo.  I was right.  At least at first.  James was born looking like a little bloated Eskimo.

Baby James Born! 2011
James, Day 1

Easter 2011
James, Day 4

Compare to photos of me and Kevin when we were born:

My First Picture!
Ericka, March 1979

1980 05 Family Photos 046
Kevin, February 1980

But then, James morphed significantly. James at 2 months:
James at 9 weeks 2011

Compare to photos of me and Kevin a little later:

1979 07 Baby E 255
Ericka, 3 months?

1980 07 Family Photos 047
Kevin, 3 months?

What do you think? Does he look just like Kevin? Is he a combo? Does he look like his own person and not like us that much?  His head shape is definitely not like Kevin's or mine's.


Robin said...

There's a lot of both of you in him, but from the photos you posted, I'd say he looks more like you than Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I have to go with YOU Ericka. Seriously the raised eyebrows and mouth shape are very similar. Of course, I have a son who came out looking like dad and now looks NOTHING like him. Genetics are funny.-Meghan

Allison said...

I think the eyes are Kevin but the head shape/nose/mouth are you and the eyebrows are a draw. Will be so interesting to see as he gets older!! (And once he has discernible vocal stylings)

I'm laughing because my mom and I always have completely opposed, very vehement opinions about who resembles whom in our family. It is uncanny (and often unpleasant!)

eralon said...

Meghan, it's so true about Nathan. He looked like mini-Ben when he was born and he looks just like you now.

Allison, you and Steve look like a mix of your parents. I was trying to sort it out myself at your wedding and decided it was too hard to sort out your features.

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