Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Olympics- Countries 2012

What's the other team you support? All my friends are rooting for the Americans, and when there are Americans in the competition we happen to be watching, you can be certain that we're all holding our breath for America to win. But sometimes there's a game of handball or water polo with two foreign teams. If you're sitting there watching, you're probably going to quietly root for one team or the other, or you're watching because you already have an affinity for one of the countries. When America is not competing, most people have another country they root for -maybe because their family is from that country, or maybe because they traveled there and loved it.

I like to root for Spain when America isn't in the game. I have family that's from there, I studied abroad there in college, and generally speaking, the Spanish are a nice fun people. ¡Vamos España! For which country or countries do you root in addition to the US?

Also, can we talk about how ridiculous the German opening ceremony outfits are? I admit the Americans looked like French flight attendants, but gender-colored warm up suits with scarves? Really, Germany?

Summer Olympics 2012
Germany in the Opening Ceremony 2012


Ana said...

I lked the runner with the cheetah legs and was rooting for him to medal......even when competing against Americans.

I didn't root for the Cuban swimmer.....though I thought he'd probably tried to swim off the island a few times and therefore be top 3( at least)... : )

Robin said...


Brian J. Leung said...

Middle Country!

Kevin M. Ahern said...

North American teams (for instance, I just finished cheering on Mexico in futbol), then I go with the human interest story.

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