Monday, August 27, 2012

Grandma Kathy Visits- August 2012

We feel so lucky that James's two grandmothers make an effort to see him (and us!) every month. He's their only grandchild so it makes it a little easier to focus their attention on him, but even so, I feel like they really go above and beyond. This week, the best thing ever happened to James: he got to see both grandmothers! After our Wednesday visit to see my mother, Grandma Kathy came and stayed Thursday night through Sunday afternoon.

James has plenty of reasons to love his visits with Grandma Kathy. She takes him to the park every day, and takes him for walks. She reads him lots of books, gives him baths, and puts him to bed with lullabyes. She even took him for frozen yogurt! James was really sad when she left. Who can blame him?

James at 16 Months 2012
Bathtime with grandma on Friday night

James at 16 Months 2012
Uh-oh, runaway naked baby

James at 16 Months 2012
He looks like a baby frog-towel Caesar!

Grandma Visits- August 2012
Reading with grandma

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