Friday, August 10, 2012

Meeting William T. 2012

I was dying to meet Megan and Ed's new little baby. They live close enough that it's possible to just go for a quick weekend, but we'd just been in April right before Megan was due, and it was hard to get back down there with James in tow. Alas we met William a week ago. He's the perfect little adorable blend of Megan and Ed. Babies change a lot very quickly so I don't know if he's going to keep it up but I've never seen a baby that looked so much like both of his parents. He's got a little Megan here, a little Ed there, and lots of Ed's expressions.  And he's good! Maybe he'll rub off on James....

Visiting the Taylors 2012
Me, James, Megan, Lucy, William, and Ed (Kevin behind the camera)

James ran around spilling Cheerios all over the Taylor's home while I chased him and picked them up. William was not impressed since he's a mature older soul. Hopefully as they grow older the age difference will get smaller. William needs to catch up physically, and James needs to catch up emotionally and then they will be the best of friends!

Visiting the Taylors 2012
William: Do you see what I've had to put up with today?

James did make a connection with Lucy though. He wanted to pet Lucy all day. While Lucy was eager to have me pet her, she was less enthusiastic about James.

Visiting the Taylors 2012
James petting Lucy-- Lucy avoiding paparazzi shots

Megan and Ed were awesome hosts and made us a yummy burger and mango salsa, and pretended like James was being cute.  Most of all I got lots of William snuggle time. At one point I had to chase James while carrying William and wow, was that a dose of reality. That's not gonna happen anytime soon.

Visiting the Taylors 2012
Me and my cutie snuggle baby, William T.

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