Thursday, August 9, 2012

DC Friends and James 2012

While we stayed at Cory and Robin's a few friends came over to visit with James. Janice came over bearing a new ball for James and marshmallow fluff and pretzels to share with his mother. James had stolen the Boone's water can and attempted to use it to water the ball. Not sure where this plan came from since I'm sure he's never even seen me try to water a plant.

DC Visit- August 2012
James accepting presents from Janice in the strangest way possible.

DC Visit- August 2012
Janice and James clapping together

Roger also stopped by for just a few minutes, since he missed seeing James when we came to DC in April.

DC Visit- August 2012
James shows Roger the new gift he got from Janice...

DC Visit- August 2012
And then takes it back. Psyche!

Oh and here's a ridiculous cute photo of James snuggling with his best friend Cory.  The two of them got along famously.

DC Visit- August 2012
Cory and James hug!

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