Monday, August 6, 2012

NBC is Ruining the London Olympics 2012

Kevin and I were really excited to watch the 100m men's race and we dutifully noted the time it would occur on Sunday. Except, when we tuned into NBC, there was no race. There were some commercials and some horses prancing around. While the rest of the world watched the fastest man alive, Americans were behind. Way behind.

Since we were traveling this weekend, we couldn't wait around all evening to watch the race. I tried to be positive and tell Kevin that we could still watch a video of the race when we came home. Kevin correctly pointed out that it would be impossible to search for the video of the race without learning who the winner was in the process. I volunteered to throw myself on the sword so that he could at least enjoy the video. Wow, do they make it difficult. Of course my initial search immediately told me the winner of the race, but what's worse is that when I reached the video on the NBC website- the video description itself list the winner.  So now I had to play the video for Kevin while simultaneously hiding the winner's name.

If you haven't seen it, here's the video, but have someone who knows the result, click the link and open it to full screen for you so you don't spoil the race. Have someone else click here for you.

NBC, shame on you.

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