Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Haircut 2012

I got a haircut last week, which shouldn't be blog-worthy, but it is because I got bangs which I haven't had in a long time, and also because the last time I cut my hair was November 2009. I get that it's super weird but here are the reasons.

Haircut- August 2012
New haircut August 2012, reminiscent of my hair circa 2001

Last time I got my haircut I went from really long to really short and donated my hair. My hair was so short, and I don't fuss with it a lot, so I didn't really need a haircut for a while. 

Haircut 2009
My last haircut in November 2009

Then my dad got sick in 2010, and it sort of became a thing-- I wasn't really in the primping mood for a long time. Plus, I was pregnant at around the same time and pregnant women have great hair. It goes with the hormones. 

Still, all that doesn't really account for the last year. I usually wear my hair wavy. This means that my hair suffers less blow-dryer damage. The split ends that I did accumulate over time weren't as visible as they would be if my hair were straight. Finally, I was nervous about getting a new stylist in our town. That's the wimpiest reason I know. But there it is.

So I finally got my haircut, and I got it cut sort of the way I had it when I graduated college. Now I just need to reach my college weight again (ha!) and we'll be moving right along.

GW Graduation 2001
College hair, May 2001

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