Wednesday, June 22, 2011

James is 2 Months Old 2011

James is two months old! In the last month, James has started cooing regularly, smiling more, giggling (a bit). He says "coo," "goo," and a variant "a-goo" regularly. When he's hungry, sometimes he says, "meh." He makes some other random noises sporadically. I am looking forward to his first words, but Kevin insists that he has already said his first word as he interprets "coo" as "coup" as in "coup d'état." I hope James is not planning our overthrow, though given my family history perhaps this would not be unexpected.

He can bat at the toys on his "activity gym" in a way that may or may not be intentional, but since he didn't do it before, we're going to go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt. He can't grab and clasp items yet, though.

He enjoys bathtime except that he hates having his hair or face rinsed of soap. He prefers to drink from the bottle during the daytime, which is a hassle. He goes to bed between 7:30-8:30 p.m. now, which is a huge improvement from 11 p.m. in the first month. He wakes up for the day at 5:30 a.m. He sleeps in his crib at night (since the third day he was home) but won't for naptime. He is still the boss of us.

His interest in screaming has not waned, but on the days that I force naps on him the most, he seems most peaceful. Forcing a baby to nap is hard, so oftentimes he wins that battle of wills.

One thing is clear, though. James is already learning to smile for pictures. Did any of you expect any less from me?

James at 2 Months 2011
James at 2 Months Old

James left newborn clothing at around 5-6 weeks old. He now wears "0-3 months," "3 months" and "3-6 months" clothing, but "0-3 months" and "3 months" are getting tight on him. They fit on his body but I need to stretch them to snap them so I'm thinking it has more to do with his length. He is still too small for outfits labeled "6 months"

Janice Visits 2011
Janice visits James again (7 weeks + 5 days)

<Upstate NY 2011
Mom with James in upstate New York (8 weeks + 3 days)

James at 2 Months 2011
With me outside our place

Since the weeks and the months don't quite align, James is also 9 weeks old today.

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