Friday, June 17, 2011

Girls' Night- June 2011

At Kevin's encouragement, I have started going out with friends again on my own. Thank goodness! Janice was visiting this week so we all got together for dinner and drinks in Manhattan. We met up at Christina's in the Wall Street area, close to where Janice was staying for work. Then we walked over to Nelson Blue a yummy New Zealand-themed restaurant. Perhaps because we had contemplated going to a Spanish tapas place before selecting the Kiwi restaurant instead of ordering entrees we ordered every appetizer and side on the menu and shared. So delicious. And the Kiwi panty-puller martini is amazing.

Sadly, because the restaurant has outside seating with wide doors to the inside a mosquito found me and today I have 33 bug bites on my legs. I was indoors!

Girls' Night - June 2011
Pre-dinner drinks at Christina's

Girls' Night - June 2011
Post-dinner at Nelson Blue in South Street Seaport

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