Wednesday, June 1, 2011

James Has More Visitors- May 2011

During the week, Janice and Darren dropped by to meet the baby. I made sure to put him in his Red Sox onesie for Janice.

James at 36 Days 2011
Janice meets James!

  James at 36 Days 2011
Darren imitating James

Over the weekend my mother and the Burkes stayed over simultaneously and we watched a Bloods and Crips documentary. Hilarity ensued. Sarah also gave him an awesome rocking chair she painted herself. The rocking chair has a train on it with the cars representing James's roots: American, Cuban, and Irish.

Burkes Visit 2011
Unwrapping the train rocking chair

James at 38 Days 2011
Mom and James dressed in my dad's uniform: gray t-shirt and khaki shorts

Burkes Visit 2011
Sarah soothing a grumpy James

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