Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary 2011

Kevin and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Monday.  Last year, we went to Niagara Falls to celebrate a week early during Memorial Day Weekend. Then on the actual day of our anniversary we went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, smashed our wedding wine bottle guestbook, and then ate some famous Grimaldi's pizza. (Note: Because of my guestbook idea that post was added to some wedding search engine, so the post is by far our most popular with hundreds of hits.)

This year, and I might have mentioned this somewhere here, we had a baby on our hands, so we had to tone it down. Besides, we had our night of dressing up, dinner, and dancing on the night of the Kosmidis wedding two days earlier. So Kevin and I celebrated by taking a family walk in our town's bird sanctuary garden, taking some photos, and ordering copious amounts of sushi for dinner. James did not cooperate by being happy or quiet, but he's making up for it today by being the angel baby he always is when we leave him with someone else.

Our 2nd Anniversary 2011
Taken by James (well, the automatic propped up on his stroller)

Since James was so good, I had an opportunity to scan photos for the first time since I was pregnant. Some of you know how happy such a thing makes me. The first thing I scanned was a few more guestbook messages I couldn't find last year, and look, my friend Cate's message was prescient of life after our first anniversary when we opened the bottle.  I was pregnant for much of the last year of our marriage, and Kevin got MLB.TV a streaming television application so he can watch Red Sox games that aren't on the networks in our area. Um-hum, lots of baby, and lots of Red Sox.

2009 06 06 message in a bottle 33 part 1
Cate's message in a bottle for our first anniversary

On a more serious note, it's difficult to express how my love and respect for my husband has grown over the past year because of his incredible support during the illness and death of my father, and during my long and tiring pregnancy. And also, now, watching him be the most amazing father ever to our baby. You can watch all the Red Sox you want, honey.

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