Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

James at 7 Weeks + 2 Days 2011

On Saturday, my mother, Kevin, and I honored my father's last wish.  Sunday, I took the nighttime feedings and let Kevin sleep as late as he wanted.  I also had a series of treats for him throughout the day.  But ultimately, I had to crash and nap for a while, so Kevin and James still got to spend lots of quality time today.  I know that James is only (almost) two months old, but so far, Kevin is the best father ever.  He takes care of James, plays with him, listens to him, and tries to teach him (where his hands are).  In the future, I can see a bond forming between the two of them not just based on genes, but on mutual respect and a sense of fun. I love you both very much.

James at 2 Days Old 2011
Kevin and James in the hospital (2 days old)

James's One Week Birthday 2011
Relaxing, One week old

James at 13 Days 2011
Snuggling and freaking out, 13 days

James at 25 Days 2011
Helping with a sore tummy, 25 days

Memorial Day 2011
Winning! at a BBQ, 40 days

James at 6 weeks + 1 Day 2011
Looking at Daddy, 6 weeks + 1 day

James at 7 Weeks + 2 Days 2011
Naptime, 7 weeks + 2 days

Fathers' Day 2011
Fathers' Day 2011 (8 weeks + 4 days)

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kclou said...

You've really gotten good at photoshop! I don't know how you make him not cry in those photos.

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