Saturday, October 22, 2011

James is 6 Months Old 2011

<James at 6 Months 2011
James's 6-month photo (26 weeks + 1 day)

Wow, I can't believe James is 6 months old already! What's most shocking about it is that he seems less and less like a baby and more like a toddler lately. He charms strangers, sits up for little stretches of time, tries to grab stuff he sees me or Kevin using, and eats baby food. He tries to grab the spoon to feed himself. Yesterday we got him a booster seat to eat his baby food in; even though it was pretty funny to feed him in his jumperoo, it wasn't an effective way to actually get food in his mouth. He also started working on crawling at 24 weeks. He does what Lukas described as a "military crawl," meaning he crawls forward on his belly instead of getting up on his knees. He likes to stand while we hold him, and a few days ago, he held the coffee table and held himself up while trying to steal our remote control.

James at 25 weeks 2011
Holding himself up with the table! (25 weeks)

James at 25 weeks + 4 days 2011
Propped up standing (25 weeks + 4 days)

James at 26 weeks 2011
James shredding magazines, a new favorite activity

James had his 6-month doctor's appointment and he is now 28 inches tall and 19 pounds heavy. That means he's in the 90th percentile for height, and 50-75th percentile for weight. His head circumference is off the charts, though. I like to imagine this is because he's brainy. He's rocking the 9-month-old clothing.

James at 26 weeks + 2 days 2011
At his 6-month doctor's appointment

We are getting really excited for James's first Halloween. It's possible that he has two Halloween costumes... he will be all dressed up with nowhere to go. Taking him trick-or-treating is a little silly still, and he doesn't have any baby parties to attend, so I guess we'll just be taking some photos here.

Pumpkin Patch 2011
Which one of these pumpkins is my baby?

Pumpkin Patch 2011
Found him! (26 weeks + 2 days)


Allison said...

Wow he is so big! And such a happy guy. Beautiful pictures. I can't wait for your Halloween documentation. What candy is he allowed to have?

eralon said...

Do you know of any pureed candy?

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