Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mis amigas son amigas de James 2011

Just a little shout-out to some of my friends that have been amazing with James.  Ash has visited James at least four times already, but I've actually lost count and she's starting to give the grandmothers a run for their money. Recently, Ash volunteered herself to come over and watch James so that Kevin and I could go for date night. Just volunteered.  I didn't ask or even hint. She is just that awesome.

Ash & Michele Visit 2011
An old photo, because the last two times she saw James was close to his bedtime

Janice, who lives all the way in Virginia, recently came and visited James a third time.  Points for distance travelled and effort made.  She also helped me take care of him all day on Saturday before we went out for Girls' Night.  A full day of baby care is GOLD around here.

James at 24 weeks + 3 days 2011
October 8th, James at 24 weeks + 3 days, Janice at 3 decades plus

Also, I got pregnant the same month we found out my father was sick, so the first few months of my pregnancy were the hardest.  I'm not even sure how many times Janice and Ash came to see me while my dad was sick, but I know it was when I most needed it. A lot of people expressed their sympathy of course, but there were few people who showed up and made it their problem too, and that's the sort of thing you can never repay.  One time they came armed with early Thanksgiving dinner which was perfect, because my mother and I were just eating at the hospital every day and night and had no real food at home. Ash even drove me back and forth to the hospital when my mother started staying overnight.  I never expected to have such wonderful friends. I like to think that inside my belly, baby James was also an early recipient of their love and kindness.

Honorable mentions to a whole bunch of other baby-loving people. Michele, who visits James every chance she gets and might be up to four visits herself.  We call her the "baby whisperer," because her coos make James squeal with delight and giggle. I'm pretty sure he has a crush on her.  If he could, James would say, "Age is just a number, mom."  Sarah T., who might have a crush on James. (Watch out, Lukas, James is a charmer.) Rachel, who visited and babysat James, and then claimed he was a perfect angel.  Jon and Briggs, who probably have seen James more than any of my girlfriends have by virtue of coming over to watch baseball or football. And obviously, everyone who has met the baby.  He's really speeding up now-- he's trying to crawl and stand, he expresses interest in favorite music and food. Pretty soon he'll be an official toddler.

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Ash said...

Aww - you know, we just enjoy hanging out with you, and it seems James has inherited your woo'ing gene ;)

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