Wednesday, March 28, 2012

James's First Word? 2012

So James has been saying "ma-ma-ma-ma," for months, and recently started saying it with a bit of conviction, like he wasn't just making random noise, but meant something by it. Then yesterday at breakfast time, I thought he said the Spanish word for milk,  "leche," or maybe more of a failed try at it, "eche."  So I asked him,"leche,"?  Which I realize is sort of an unfair set up, but he said,"eche" again.  Wherein I ran into the bathroom where Kevin was attempting to have two seconds to himself while showering, and announced, "James said his first word! James said his first word! Well, sort of..."  This first word stuff is tricky.  

How did you know when your son or daughter said their first word for real?

James in February (9 months) loving his leche

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