Monday, April 1, 2013

James's First Haircut! 2013

Technically, James has had a few at home snips on a few occasions. I cut the back of his hair when it starts going over his collar, or a little from the front to even it out, but I find the ears pretty challenging. Finally it was starting to look not-quite-right, so we took him for his first professional haircut at a children's salon.

Kevin reserved the Lightning McQueen car for him. At first the car itself entertained him enough. Then he grabbed the comb. Finally they gave him a drawing toy and that kept his attention for the remainder of the time. Of course, he's currently obsessed with drawing, so we knew he wouldn't want to part with the toy. Conveniently, they sold the toy in the salon. How clever.

  James's First Haircut 2013
Having his hair misted 

James's First Haircut 2013
James tries to claim the offending comb.

They offered to style his hair in a faux hawk, so I decided sure. I loved it. If I didn't hate and fear chemicals so much I'd probably style his hair like this every day.

James's First Haircut 2013
James rocking a faux hawk while he draws.

James's First Haircut 2013
A balloon too! How nice.

James's First Haircut 2013
Going for a post-haircut stroll


michele L said...

did you go to the place in park slope or find another?

Ericka said...

We went to a place in Long Island.

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