Friday, April 5, 2013

My Civil Rights Case Settled for $1 Million!

Twenty-two Latino victims of unlawful warrantless home raids by by the government obtained a settlement today requiring new national policies for conducting warrantless home operations and $1 million in damages and fees. While I worked at Dewey, I spent countless hours with our Latino pro bono clients preparing them for deposition, attending their depositions, and even taking the depositions of the government agents who conducted the illegal raids. To be clear, our clients included many US citizens and people with documentation! I'm so happy that my hard work came to fruition for them, and that things will be a little better for Latinos in our country.

On a more personal note, the intensity of this case is also how I became friends with many of my former colleagues including Christie P, Adrienne, Eri, Eric, Evan, Lee, the two Matts, and  Ghita and Christina from LatinoJustice, and so many more people I can't even count. Doing good is good for the soul.

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