Friday, January 31, 2014

Neutral Milk Hotel Concert 2014

We were so excited to get tickets to Neutral Milk Hotel's reunion tour. Even though they broke up in 1999, I didn't really know about them until Kevin put "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" on an old-school mixed tape (CD) he made me in 2006. (Aww.)

Anyway, we had a double-date with Nick and Emily. We started with dinner at Deniz, a Fort Greene Turkish restaurant. I was super excited when the waiter took one look at me and offered to make me a mocktail. After we met up with Briggs at Frank's Cocktail Lounge and head over to the concert all together.

Neutral Milk Hotel 2014
Kevin and me at Deniz restuarant

Neutral Milk Hotel 2014
Emily and Nick at Deniz

This was my first time at BAM, even though I've been wanting to go forever. The Opera House was gorgeous, and the concert was great. Actual quote from Kevin last night talking about band member Julian Koster: "He has three saws to play." He played that saw like magic. And Scott Spillane was awesome. Good times!
Neutral Milk Hotel 2014

Neutral Milk Hotel 2014
Me, Kevin, Briggs, Emily, and Nick

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