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Review of 2013- Part 2

And the rest of last year...

We celebrated the 4th of July in Long Island with my friend Jaime. Then we did 35 fun things for Jaime's birthday in New York! Cory and Robin also came up to visit and we capped off the long weekend with a trip to Jones Beach and a back yard cookout with our friends.

Jones Beach- July 2013 
Jones Beach with friends

Kevin and I got the wonderful news that his collection of short stories, We Were Flying to Chicago, would be published with Black Balloon Publishing! Due out in May!

Isaac and Eleanor had a playdate with James that included a stuffed animal fight! I had a little playdate with Akua in the city. We visited my grandmother Daisy and my mom in New Jersey. Kevin and Jon's friend Nick visited from Austin. By now, James was speaking in sentences and acting like a complete little person.

We went up to Cape Cod and celebrated Ellen's 6th birthday, and Mike's 30th. We had to leave the festivities a little early to head to our next party. Victoria threw Casey a surprise party on the beach. Kevin and Jon had made previous plans to see Casey in Boston for a Red Sox game, so they went back but were rained out. We went to Baltimore to visit Katie and catch a Red Sox and Orioles game at Camden Yards.

Casey's 33rd Birthday 2013
Our three families celebrating Casey!

Jeff, Inga, and Silas visited all the way from San Diego (where they had recently moved from San Francico). Grandma Kathy visited and we all went to the Nassau County Art Museum. We had a fun night out with friends in Manhattan. On the way home, I complained about Kevin not being able to read my mind. (TMWCA #24)

More good news: I got a consulting job. Then mid-month, we got a positive pregnancy test! Yay! Due date: April!

Jeff and Caroline had a baby boy, Christopher! Sarah T. and I had a SuperFly time in Astoria. We drove up to visit Aubree, Patrick, and Avery in Vermont. We had an eventful drive back and then went to visit Wendy and Clark at their new house in Upstate New York.

Visiting Vermont 2013
In Burlington, Vermont with Patrick, Avery, and Aubree

This week began badly. My mother called to tell me that scans had revealed she had a growth on her kidney. We didn't know yet if it was cancer or not, but it was obviously a big concern for all of us, and we had to wait  two weeks for an appointment with a urologist to find out more. The connection to my last pregnancy is hard to ignore, since my dad had been diagnosed with kidney cancer around the time I got pregnant with James. I saw my mom over the weekend, and we all went to Ash's barn party.

Brady visited over Labor Day Weekend.Jaime visited and we went out for dinner and karaoke to celebrate Rachel and Christina's birthdays, and they figured out I was pregnant when I refused sake bombs.

The doctors confirmed my mom had renal cell carcinoma, and scheduled surgery to remove her kidney for October 9. I was now 2-months pregnant and got my first sonogram of the baby mooning us. Then we surprised our moms by inviting them both over to tell the moms the good news at the same time. It was a little early but after our first sonogram we were feeling pretty good and thought we could share the news with just our moms since we didn't want them to guess before we told them. And my mom needed some good news.

Old Westbury Gardens 2013
Our moms are happy because they're getting another grandbaby!

Cathy visited on Saturday, and on Sunday people came over for football and food. We took James's to his first dentist appointment.

Sarah and I went to Fall for Dance and I loved it. I want to go again!

Mom had her surgery and it went well! We had some extra genetic testing this week since I'll be 35 when the baby is born, but it's fancy new testing that's non-invasive, and tells you the baby's gender early! So a week later, I knew we were having a girl! I was now 3 months pregnant, so we had another sonogram, and then announced we were pregnant to the rest of our friends.

We had a fun trip to the farm with Rachel and Christina's families. We also told our immediate family the baby's gender. James turned 2 and a half, and we took him to the dentist to get his baby teeth cavities drilled. Um, happy half birthday?

Queens County Farm- Oct. 2013 
The farm with friends

We went to Virginia to celebrate Brian's 30th birthday! We also visited with Jaime, Janice, and Darren which resulted in James celebrating Halloween in both Virginia and Long Island.

The Red Sox won the World Series for the second time since Kevin and I have been together! Kevin drove up to Boston to watch the final game in the bar that lets you look right down to the field at Fenway. To paraphrase Kevin with a lot of license, "Someday my unborn second child will ask what I remember about her pregnancy and I will say, 'The Red Sox won the World Series!'"

Halloween in Arlington 2013
Celebrating Halloween early with Fudgie, Darren, Janice, and Jaime

We announced to everyone that we were having a girl! Ash visited for the weekend, and Christina and Sarah came over Saturday for a girls' night of sushi and Miss Universe. We also had our first snow here on 11/12/13. I was now 4 months pregnant! We also went with Sarah to the Museum of the Moving Image.

We had an epic trip to Key West to celebrate Andrew's 30t birthday. Andrew had family and friends there, and obviously his family partied the hardest. We had a quiet Thanksgiving with my mom and some of her friends. Jackie and Rob got engaged!

Andrew's 30th in Key West 2013
Partying in Key West with friends and family

Jon and Becky celebrated Ben's 1st birthday in Brooklyn before moving to Hoboken later in the month. We more snow! I was now 5 months pregnant with baby girl and I had many cravings. Casey visited us had to deliver instruments to Carnegie Hall and visited us for a couple of days. Nana visited too and babysat for us when we went out to celebrate Sarah and Lukas's joint birthday in Queens. We had back to back visitors and James W stayed with us for a week. Andrew stayed for day and Kevin took him to a terrifying Russian bath house.

We had a lot of fun celebrating Christmastime at home with James. We had a wonderful Christmas on the Cape with Kevin's family. We left the trip open-ended and stayed a week enjoying Grandma Kathy's hospitality and even visited with Jaime and Casey.

December 2013
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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