Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Driving through Upstate NY 2013

We enjoyed our drive up to Vermont, even though it was quite long. Upstate New York is beautiful we kept oohing and ahhing as we passed the mountain ranges. I hadn't been past Lewis, NY where my dad's ashes are since Father's Day 2011, and it felt like an entire lifetime ago. We can't visit the actual site, so I think in future years we might visit Split Rock where my dad was known to take the occasional high dive off a cliff and into the water.

Upstate New York 2013
Near Lewis, NY

The drive back was a little better because we went from Vermont to Wendy and Clark's house upstate so the drive was a little shorter. We stopped for lunch along the way and we discovered the very upscale town of Manchester, Vermont. It looked like the Hamptons of Vermont, and we found this amazing book store with a really good sandwich shop inside. The Northshire Bookstore is huge, with a whole floor for children, and regular readings and events. It's rare to find an independent bookstore that's this impressive. We were also very satisfied by the sandwiches and coffee we bought at the attached Spiral Press Cafe.

Upstate New York 2013
Northshire Bookstore and Spiral Press Cafe in Manchester,VT

Even though we didn't need anything, I couldn't resist making Kevin pull over when I saw the Big Moose Deli in Hoosick, NY. I live for this foolishness. The reviews for the food are really good too, so maybe next time we'll actually get something to eat.

Upstate New York 2013
James and Kevin are slightly less excited to stop here than I am.

Upstate New York 2013
I'm a moose!

Upstate New York 2013
I love these cute moose- look at James's face!

Haha, I love it.

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