Friday, August 16, 2013

Out with Friends in NYC- August 2013

Asking people  to go out in NYC with a week's notice, especially in the summer when most people have every weekend booked, well, it's not a good strategy. But our friends are awesome, so they worked us into their other plans. Since Kevin's mom was visiting we went out in the evening for dinner. We had salmon-and-cheese mazemen at Yuji Ramen Test Kitchen (Lower East Side), dumplings at Vanessa's Dumpling House (Chinatown), and then drinks with our friends at the Magician (back to the Lower East Side). Noodles were good, dumplings were good, and Peak Organic ale on tap- yum!

Jon and Becky had a concert that night, but they got to the bar early to hang out with us before they left. Becky and I delightedly gossiped about the Sister Wives show. Then, even though Rachel and Tim were celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary, they came by after their romantic dinner-and-a-show to hang out with us. How very sweet of them!

NYC- August 2013
Rachel and Tim- seven happy years!

Then Jackie and her boyfriend Rob overlapped them a lot but also stayed for a while after Rachel and Tim had to head out. I haven't seen Jackie in ages, and I haven't met Rob before so it was great to spend time really talking and catching up. And it's not going to be forever again until next time!

NYC- August 2013
Jackie and Rob at the Magician

NYC- August 2013
Becky and Jon enjoying their night out! [Not pictured: Jon]

NYC- August 2013
Going home on the LIRR- good night out!

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