Friday, August 2, 2013

Visiting Katie in Baltimore 2013

We went to Baltimore last weekend to visit Kevin's cousin Katie. We had lots of fun! We got tickets to the Red Sox and Orioles game, and even though it was supposed to rain, Kevin was fully confident they would play because he had already been rained out of a game in Boston. So we started in the early afternoon at Alewife and got some good beers on tap.

Baltimore 2013
Katie and Kevin at Alewife

Afterwards, we went to Faidley's Seafood market where Kevin and I had the best crab cakes of our lives. They were amazing, huge, and beautiful. Even though I don't usually photograph food, I should have taken a photo of these crab cakes to show how huge and how totally composed of crab they are. Sadly, I ate it way too quickly to even consider such a thing. They are life-changing. I will dream of them forever. If you need a visual, here you go. Beware, if you go, they close really early around 5 p.m.

Baltimore 2013
Crab cakes at Faidley's Seafood!

We still had a little time to kill after our very early dinner, so we went to Pickles, a large outdoor bar near Camden Yards stadium. We got some Miller Lites, and while Kevin was patting himself on the back for his superior intellect in carrying a coozie at all times, Katie and I whipped coozies out of our purses. Kevin said he'd never been so proud of his family. Haha.

  Baltimore 2013
Cheers to coozies at Pickle's Pub

Then it started raining. Really raining. And even though I had brought an umbrella to Baltimore, for some reason I had decided to leave it at Katie's. We got soaked at the outdoor bar cleverly selected for it's proximity to the stadium. But Kevin never lost hope, and sure enough the game started on time. Katie's friend Heidi met us there.

And what a game! Red Sox player Stephen Drew had an inside the park home run! Shane Victorino also hit a home run. And most notably, "Big Papi" Ortiz flipped out at a umpire and destroyed the dugout phone. It was amazing to see in real life. I could see the white bits flying of what at the time I thought was the wall. That was it for us. We'd done all our partying before the game, so we headed back. Thanks for a really fun time, Katie!

Baltimore 2013
Camden Yards!

Baltimore 2013
At the game

Special thanks to my mom who stayed with James for the weekend and for the first time by herself overnight! Thanks, Nana!

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