Monday, August 26, 2013

Aubree, Patrick, and Avery in Vermont 2013

A week ago, we went to visit Aubree, Patrick, and Avery in Vermont. Aubree and I have been friends for almost 10 years since we worked together in DC. We talked about stuff to do in advance, so when we got there on Saturday, we freshened up and then all went to the Magic Hat Brewery together. It's one of the more fun breweries we've been to, in part because of the Mardi Gras decorations and four free samples per person. The samples were little, but since I'm not a huge beer person it was perfect. We were able to fill a growler there with our favorite of the samples.

Visiting Vermont 2013
On the Magic Hat Brewery tour

We thought it would be a great a idea to do a brewery tour-- with two kids in tow. It was not. To be fair, it was just James that wanted to touch everything and scream when we didn't let him. But luckily, they let you do a self-guided tour as well, so we let the group tour clear out and then we went on our own. Of course, both children were angels when no one was there to witness it.

Visiting Vermont 2013
Magic Hat Brewery floor

Aubree made us an awesome dinner, giving my husband entirely the wrong idea about what I should be making every night. Avery went to bed first, and then James. Then we were free! Ain't no party like parents after their children go to sleep (but before 11 p.m. when we have to go to bed also)!

Visiting Vermont 2013
Saturday night bedtime for Avery

Both of the kids wake up at 5:30 a.m. which is sad for all of us, but helpful for the weekend, because no one had to be afraid of waking up anyone else. Their cat Telma was happy too because she slept with us and was happy to be set free. (Telma is like a tiny Nomar.) The dads got up with the kids because they are awesome. 

Visiting Vermont 2013
Sunday morning 5:30 a.m. wake up with the dads

Even though they have the same wake up time, the kids have opposite nap schedules, so we took it easy in the morning. I love being lazy and unrushed on the weekend so this worked well for me. Aubree made us an awesome breakfast complete with blue berry muffins and an egg thing that I want to eat every day. We took James to a really fun nearby park while Avery took her afternoon nap. Then we had another delicious meal-- this time a team effort between Aubree (who marinated) and Patrick (who grilled). Finally, with three kiddie naps behind us, we went out in Burlington.

Visiting Vermont 2013
Patrick, Avery, and Aubree at the waterfront

We started at the waterfront where they were having a low-key Maritime Festival. The waterfront is a beautiful place to go for a walk, or if you don't have kids in tow, the Boathouse is the perfect place to get drinks on the water. Summer is short in Vermont, so they know how to enjoy it there. We had some fun there back in 2005, but we skipped it this time.

Visiting Vermont 2013
Posing with our little monkey

Me and Aubree in front of Lake Champlain in 2013

Lake Champlain, Vermont 2005
Didn't realize until afterwards that we took a picture in the same spot in 2005!

Then we had dinner at a cute pizza restaurant called American Flatbread. It was a good place for kids because it was noisy, and they had fun pizza toys, that unfortunately our kids tried to eat. We were sitting near the pizza oven which is probably nice and toasty in the winter, but perhaps a little warm in the summer. I think maybe they were trying to hurry us along?

Visiting Vermont 2013
Avery is distracted by her fun pizza toy

Visiting Vermont 2013
The pizza toy comes with removable toppings, perfect for baby-chewing.

Visiting Vermont 2013
Those flames are not from the oven- they are just coming out of my head.

Afterwards, we cooled off with some ice cream on Church Street. We didn't do a Ben and Jerry's factory tour on this trip, but this was the next best thing. The kids were pretty happy about this turn of events.

Visiting Vermont 2013
James enjoying some chocolate-chocolate ice cream.

Visiting Vermont 2013
Avery enjoying a cone.

James was pretty excited about this cow.

Some kind stranger took a million photos of us on Church Street so that we could get one where the children were at least sort of paying attention. It's my favorite photo of the trip. 

Visiting Vermont 2013
Clous and Phils on Church Street

We really enjoyed visiting, and James especially liked spending time with Avery. He recently turned a corner where he likes spending time with younger children and not just older ones, and he was pretty gentle with her the whole time (though we are still working on sharing!). Our favorite was when the kids were asleep- haha! We didn't leave until very early Monday morning, so we got to spend another night hanging out, drinking and snacking, and it was hard to tear ourselves away to go to bed. 

Visiting Vermont 2013
Walking back after dessert

And since we were still there Monday morning, I took some "first day of school" photos for Avery.Well, her first day in the toddler room. Since it's taken me so long to post this, tomorrow is Aubree and Patrick's third wedding anniversary! Congratulations! Can't wait to see you guys again! 

Visiting Vermont 2013
What a gorgeous family!

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