Thursday, August 1, 2013

Losing the Pregnancy Weight 2011-2013

So my last post on this topic was 17 months ago. Back then, I had 15 pounds to go to my pre-James weight. I thought I could lose the rest of that in 4 months. I don't what kind of crazy math I thought I was doing especially since I wasn't working out all back then. I still don't go to the gym, but at least now I go for regular long walks.

Anyway, since then I've lost 10 more pounds, so I still have 5 pounds to go to my pre-James weight. In the future I need to remember that even though I stick with it, and I eventually lose the weight, it takes me a really long time and I am better off sparing myself every little pound I can.

  2013-07-31 weight (2)
5 pounds to go!

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