Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rained Out in Boston 2013

Casey, Jon, and Kevin had independent plans to go see a Red Sox game from before Casey's party was planned, and there was no way to renegotiate the date since they couldn't tell him about the party. Not that they even wanted to renegotiate the date. They all love the Red Sox, and a boys night out in Boston is pretty much heaven to Kevin and Jon.

Sadly, they were rained out, which is awful when you're specifically coming in from out of town for a game and can't come back for the make-up date. They still had some quality time together, and I even hear there is a silly picture somewhere, but it has not been shared with me.

Back home, James and I had a two-day Cuban Clous date. Thursday night after a long day together, we walked over to the main street and bought ice cream and strawberries. James walked the whole way there and back holding my hand. Pretty cute.

James- July 2013
Cuban Clou Date Night!

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