Friday, July 19, 2013

Afternoon with Akua 2013

Do to a failure of retrieving iPhone photos, I skipped over my fun little outing with Akua. We haven't seen each other in way-too-long, but the universe has organized it so that I've recently been seeing and reconnecting with some people from my old job. We met in the afternoon between lunchtime and dinnertime, but you don't think that would actually stop us from eating right? I'm a little (a lot) obsessed with Koreatown lately because it's the only decent place to eat near Penn Station where the train drops me off, and it's actually delicious. We went for a little walk beforehand so we totally burned the extra "afternoon tea" meal. (By the way, why haven't we adopted this from the British yet? Americans love extra meals!)

  Date with Akua 2013
Me and Akua outside BCD Tofu House in Koreatown

So we ordered some Korean at BCD Tofu House, and some Korean rice wine, and caught up on our personal and work lives. We talked about vacationing, our ability and lack of ability to party, small businesses, jewelery, etc. Basically, it was like not a day had passed since our offices were next door to each other, and we shuttled back and forth. Next time, it won't be a million years until we see each other again. Oh and this is not advertising -- no one paid me, I just think this is fun-- Akua's friend makes jewelry and named a necklace after her. So here's what Akua looks like as a necklace.

Date with Akua 2013
The rain didn't stop us from walking everywhere

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