Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jaime's Super Fun Birthday 2013!

Partially at my insistence, Jaime had a four-day birthday extravaganza, wherein she attempted to do 35 Fun Things. (Thank you Sarah B. for teaching me this game!) The numbers below track her fun.

Jaime's 35th Birthday 2013
Muy caliente at Hill Country

Jaime's birthday extravaganza started in DC on the 3rd, when she attended "A Capital Fourth" rehearsal with her friend Erin and got to hear some of her favorites live: Barry Manilow (#1) and Neil Diamond (#2). Neil Diamond even sang Sweet Caroline, which is a song that is very near and dear to Massachusetts girls and Red Sox fans like Jaime. (#3)

A Capitol Fourth 2013 
A Capital Fourth on the Third

Jaime and I have spent some of our birthdays together in the past, so I invited her to come on up to New York and do some of her favorite things here. This officially made her birthday a multicity tour, and she had no traffic on her way up! (#4) As per the last post, we kicked off the weekend with fireworks in Long Island. (#5) Then on the actual day of her birthday, she started her day with the famous FloPa mani-pedi andcomplimentary shoulder massage. (#6) James used his bath crayons to draw this surprise for her in the shower. (#7)

Jaime's 35th Birthday 2013

After a brief fashion show of outfits, we picked our favorites and went to the city to meet Christina for dinner at Hill Country. (#8) They have pretty good Texas-style BBQ but I think my favorite part there is all the delicious sides. I am very picky about mac n' cheese, but their's is so good I think it deserves it's own number. (#9) And Jaime even ordered a spicy margarita. (#10)

Jaime's 35th Birthday 2013
Rice to Riches! Yum!

Our trip to Rice to Riches was more of a friendship pilgrimage than just a craving. Those of us who like rice pudding seem to be in the minority, but Jaime and I both really like it, and she introduced me to this Nolita treasure back in 2007 when I was working in New York for the summer. Since then, we talk about it regularly even though we haven't been back there together since then. (I think I did once drag Kevin but he doesn't like rice pudding so it wasn't too much fun.) Anyway, we finally made it back there, and we greedily ordered 3 flavors. (#1`) she also discovered her favorite flavor, "Fluent in French Toast." (#12) Despite the picture, Christina doesn't like rice pudding so... more for us!

Since we were already in Nolita, we decided to stay and go to some bars there. First we tried Milano, which might be my new favorite dive bar in the city. They were super nice and the place was plastered in photos. I approve! (#13) I got Jaime a birthday drink. (#14) Milano's bartender recommended the cider to her because it has "handpicked apples, so it should taste of sweat used to make the cider." (#15) Sounds kind of gross to me, but I guess the bartender and Jaime share the same sense of humor.

Jaime's 35th Birthday 2013
Jaime, Christina, and me at Milano

Then we went to Botanica, where we were carded! (#16) Botanica was a little nicer, but super weird with random people seemingly dancing by themselves on a non-existant dance floor. Jaime seemed to like it though, in part because they had Anthropologie-scented candles. (#17) The drinks were great though and Christina treated Jaime to something called a "Ginger Yum-yum." (#18) Yummy indeed. Some guy kept trying to chat up Jaime, though she generally denied it, so I can't count it as a "Fun Thing." Then she thought she saw Corbin Bernsen dancing. At the time I didn't know who he was, but after I looked him up on Google I thought he really did look like him... and maybe it was him? (#19) Now a few yum-yum drinks in myself. I psychoanalyzed Jaime and determined that she is generally untroubled. (#20)

Jaime's 35th Birthday 2013
Jaime at Botanica

We made a half-hearteda ttempt to go home after that, but instead we went on a longish walk through Nolita and SoHo. Jaime came to a sign with her name. (#21) When we finally got on the subway, we rode with the most fabulous dragqueen ever, (#22) and a significantly less fabulous group of guys that were talking nonsense using big words. The latter group inspired Jaime to try to talk like them, creating new amazing words like "Jacksonomically" and my personal favorite, "stimulicious." (#23)

Jaime's 35th Birthday 2013
Street sign named for Jaime!

Since we managed to completely miss our first train home, we went for a walk in Koreatown, which Jaime had never visited before. (#24) We ended up at an Irish pub, where we shared another drink, and took a cutesie selfie. (#25) The bartender probably thought we were an item, haha.

Jaime's 35th Birthday 2013

By the time we finally got on the train it was 2:30 a.m. Jaime is a big fan of How I Met Your Mother and declared that we were "officially on the drunk train!" (#26) We proceeded to eat more rice pudding on the train. (#27) The last time Jaime visited we had so much fun that we missed our train stop, and we had to call Kevin to pick us up which was decidedly not fun. So this time, when we successfully got off at our stop, Jaime decided that not missing our stop was a fun thing, and some locals knowingly smiled and agreed with her. (#289) We were pretty excited that despite our advancing age we had managed to party until 3:30 a.m. (#29)

The next morning, after more rice pudding for breakfast (#30) we went off to Jones Beach for the day (#31). We had a little time to ourselves before a bunch of other friends and a time-intensive James joined us. We even dipped into the icy ocean. In the evening we cooked out in the backyard with friends. (#32) James was a big fan of Jaime and gave her hugs and kisses and even washed Jaime's car for her. (#33) Finally, we ended the evening drinking and playing a hyper-dirty version of Apples to Apples. (#34)  Kevin was in such a good mood after the party that he even conceded to Jaime that she was right about something. His exact words were, "You're right." Jaime was beyond gleeful at this admission. (#35) I think all in all, a very fun 4-day birthday celebration even if, as Jaime says, I was "slutty with counting fun things." 

Jones Beach- July 2013
Jaime hearts Jones Beach 

Cookout-July 2013
Cookout spread

Cookout-July 2013
Friends at the cookout

Cookout-July 2013
James washing Jaime's car

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