Thursday, October 31, 2013

Game 6 of the World Series in Boston 2013

Kevin has watched about a hundred baseball games this season, and probably every season. He was thrilled when the Red Sox made the World Series, and he tried to buy tickets online countless times, but the page was overwhelmed with fans and kept crashing. His childhood friend Kevin got all the way to the checkout portion of the page before the site crashed. So the boys hashed a plan to drive to Boston for the potentially decisive game 6 of the series and buy day-of tickets at Fenway.

Unfortunately, even though they got there early, the line was already too long for everyone to get tickets and no one else was allowed to get in the line. But their back-up plan was a solid one. They went to Bleacher Bar, a bar that is attached to Fenway and actually looks out onto the field. So they were able to watch the game both in person and on the televisions there. So that was awesome.

World Series in Boston 2013
Casey, Jon, Kevin, and Kevin

World Series in Boston 2013
Line outside of Fenway to get same-day tickets

World Series in Boston 2013
Outside Fenway

World Series in Boston 2013
View of the field inside the bar

Kevin, Kevin, Jon, and Casey in front of Fenway

When the game was over they were able to see the World Series trophy delivered to the team, and afterwards they were able to celebrate with the entire city of Boston!

World Series in Boston 2013
Scene outside after Red Sox won the World Series

World Series in Boston 2013
With fireworks!

World Series in Boston 2013
My friend Ian was inside Fenway for the game, this is his picture of the celebration.

Yay! Congratulations to the Red Sox (they read my blog right?) and to all their fans!

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