Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh Baby! 2013

When I had James, I documented everything and took a lot of pictures. I was cognizant of the fact that I should try to do the same things for baby #2. Obviously, things will be busier this time with a toddler and a baby, but I really enjoy blogging and looking back at old posts, so I'm hoping I can keep up with it. That said, I think I might have been excessive to the point of being dull last time, so I'm going to try to keep it a little more condensed this time.

0-2 Weeks, Mid-to-Late July 2013
It's difficult to pinpoint when the magic happens, and most women are typically not pregnant in the first two weeks counted towards your due date. Just out of curiosity I took my temperature this month- and it peeked on Tuesday, July 30th, coincidentally also the 6-year anniversary of our first date.

We had great news when Kevin signed a contract for his short story collection, We Were Flying to Chicago, due out in May!

Baltimore 2013
Kevin and me in Baltimore visiting his cousin Katie

2 Weeks, August 1-7
By now I started to suspect we were successful this month. I was hot all the time, I was moody, I was craving a burger I never got. I was drinking milk with ice cubes. But I didn't notice any change in appetite, so I thought it was possibly wishful thinking. (With James I wasn't hot, and wanted to eat ALL THE TIME). We had more good luck this week: I got a job!

Symptoms: So hot all the time! Very moody.
Cravings: hamburger, milk with ice
Compare to weeks 0-2 with James.

3 Weeks, August 8-14 
Then on 8/10/13, I had a very specific symptom I had with James on 8/1/10. By then I was also feeling some abdominal tightness or bloating. I got dizzy for the first time (like I had with James on 7/19/10 and a few times after). I felt nauseated. I drank a lot of water and made a lot of trips to the bathroom. Kevin's mom was here visiting and she asked me no less than 3 times if I was pregnant, but she knew we were trying so she was kind of playing dirty. Nonetheless, kind of funny that she was here the day I had my first avalanche of definitive symptoms.

NYC- August 2013
Kevin and me on the LIRR after a night out in Manhattan

Then finally on 8/14, I took a pregnancy test. Kevin knew I was going to, so I got up early and then went back to bed. Kevin thought it was bad news because I didn't say anything so he snuggled me while I soaked in the good news. Kevin was really happy and cute about it when I finally told him that morning.

Pregnancy Test 2013

We asked James if he wanted a brother or a sister, and he said, "A seester!" Then we asked him if he wanted a sister or a brother, and he said, "broder/seester!" Just to double-check we asked him if he wanted a baby or no baby, and he looked like he was thinking about it and then said, "A baby! Yes!"

Baby progress: Tiny ball of cells, implantation!
Symptoms: TMI, abdominal tightness/bloating, dizziness, nausea, moodiness
Cravings: WATER!, Salad (Thai food- but I didn't get it)
Anti-cravings: Second cup of coffee: I went from drinking 3 cups a day to just one basically overnight.
My Weight Gain: 0
Compare to week 3 with James.

4 Weeks, August 15-21
Baby progress:  Size of a poppy seed, official embryo with amniotic sac and yolk sac (like a chicken) inside a primitive placenta
Symptoms: Sleepiness, sore boobs, bloaty, hair loss
Cravings: Water, water, water, water (also I ate cold tomato sauce one afternoon)
Anti-cravings: I ate ice cream 3 times this week, but each time it failed to hit the spot, so I gave up.
My Weight Gain: 0
Compare to week 4 with James

Visiting Vermont 2013
Kevin, James, and me in Vermont visiting Aubree, Patrick, and Avery

A little note on pregnancy weight: Before getting pregnant this time, I lost all but 5-6 pounds of the weight I gained with James. My plan is to "lose" that weight through this second pregnancy by: 1) gaining less weight this time (not having as much juice and ice cream as I did last time), 2) not randomly gaining weight after I have the baby like i did with James, 3) breastfeeding without supplementation this time. 

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