Wednesday, October 2, 2013

James's First Dentist Visit 2013

We never ever let James sleep with a bottle. I wanted to do that sometimes, because it's so hard to keep little kids asleep in their cribs, but our pediatrician warned us that it was the number one cause of cavities in toddlers. So we didn't do it. We cut his juice with water and tried to limit it. But nonetheless, the poor little guy has a bunch of cavities already. We took him to a hardcore dentist who assures us everything will be fixed and he will have no more cavities in the future. We'll see!

First Dentist Visit 2013
James at the dentist- say Ahhh!

The best part of the visit was how the dentist and dental hygienist kept saying how great James was behaving. They kept saying, "He's so good! He's so good!" that made me ridiculously happy.


Susan Horby said...

Susan Horby
Surprised he had cavities at that age. Does New York not put fluoride in their watering systems? Rare to see kids with cavaties at an early age. Well the good news is you got them fixed and the visit went well. Good luck

Patricia Bowman said...

Hearing the dentist say how good your child participated is heart-melting. You must be one proud Mama! Well, you really are. First visit is a total success; I just hope little James will continue to behave on his future visits.

Patricia @ Smile By Design (Mississauga, ON)

Ericka said...

No fluoride in our water! The kids take fluoride vitamins.

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