Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2 Months Pregnant 2013

5 Weeks, August 22-28
This week began badly. My mother called to tell me that scans had revealed she had a growth on her kidney. We didn't know yet if it was cancer or not, but it was obviously a big concern for all of us, and we had to wait  two weeks for an appointment with a urologist to find out more. The connection to my last pregnancy is hard to ignore, since my dad had been diagnosed with kidney cancer around the time I got pregnant with James. I saw my mom over the weekend, and we all went to Ash's barn party.

Ash's Barn Party 2013
With James and mom at Ash's barn party

I was so impatient for the sonogram this week. I really wanted to know everything was going well.

Baby progress: Size of a sesame seed, looks like a tadpole, neural tube and circulatory system are just beginning to form
Symptoms: SLEEPINESS, HOT FLASHES, headaches, nausea, bad skin, sore boobs, hair loss, getting hungry...
Cravings: Water, watery fruit, oranges, tuna, salad, lentils.
Anti-cravings: Kevin: "I was going to make tacos tonight." Me: Clutching stomach, "Noooooooooooo."
My Weight Gain: 0
Compare to week 5 with James

6 Weeks, August 29- September 4
Brady was here for the weekend, but luckily I wasn't feeling too sick when he was here.

Baby progress: Size of a lentil, the baby's kidneys, liver, lungs, eyes, and ear canals are forming
Symptoms: SLEEPY, NAUSEATED, HOT, mild anxiety attacks (not fun!), hungry, sad, hair loss
Cravings: Chocolate, salad, lots of water
Anti-cravings: Coffee and tea kind of gross me out
My Weight Gain: 1, oh dear, already? Disaster.
Compare to week 6 with James

7 Weeks, September 5-11
The doctors confirmed my mom has renal cell carcinoma, and scheduled surgery to remove her kidney for October 9.

Jaime visited and we went out for dinner and karaoke to celebrate Rachel and Christina's birthdays, and they figured out I was pregnant when I refused sake bombs.

Baby progress: Size of a blueberry, baby is growing brain cells, a mouth, tongue, arm and leg buds. It's doubled in size since last week.
Symptoms: mild nausea, back pain, sore boobs, hair loss, sleepiness, bad skin, cramping
Cravings: Strawberries!, corn, sushi, Thai food, soup
Anti-cravings: Coffee, hot dogs (I can't eat them anyway but they sound SO GROSS)
My Weight Gain: .5
Compare to week 7 with James

James and the Preggo Pillow 2013
James discovers the wonders of the pregnancy pillow

TWO MONTHS!, 8 Weeks, September 12-18
I was SO EXCITED to finally have a sonogram on Monday to confirm that the baby was doing well and the heart was beating. The doctor told me the baby was already trending big! This is a familiar story for me. The baby also had his or her back to us. Mooning us!

Baby progress: Size of a raspberry, webbed fingers and toes, eyelids, and starting to lose the tail
Symptoms: mild nausea, mild panic attacks, cramping, sore boobs, hair loss, sleepiness, bad skin
Cravings: French toast, chocolate, fruit, salad, chicken, fish, nuts, American cheese- so yeah, everything
Anti-cravings: chicken
My Weight Gain: 0.5
Compare to week 8 with James

2013 09 16 Baby Clou 2 First Sonogram
Baby's 1st sonogram! Mooning us.

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