Monday, September 16, 2013

Mom's Diagnosis 2013

August 14th, my mother had some pain and thought she might have kidney stones, so she went straight to the hospital. They diagnosed her with a kidney infection and gave her some antibiotics but also gave her a scan and sent her for another more detailed scan. About a week later, her doctor told her she had a mass in her kidney and she needed to make an appointment with a urologist to determine what it was. She had the appointment on September 5, and the urologist confirmed that she has renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) and that her kidney needs to be removed. So far we have no indication that it has spread, but the tumor will be sent to a lab for further analysis.

Obviously we're very disappointed about this news. It's particularly disconcerting that it's the same cancer as the one my dad had. In many ways it feels like we took a time machine back to 2010, which is the last year I'd ever want to visit. Still, I know she's really lucky that she felt some pain and went to the hospital right away, because kidney cancer usually presents with no symptoms until it spreads. We're also really hopeful that her surgery will go well, and she'll have minimal problems going forward.

Ash's Barn Party 2013 
Me and Mom at Ash's Barn Party in August

Her surgery isn't scheduled until October 9, and she's feeling okay right now, except she's a little tried. Mom has been trying to stay positive, enjoy her free time with good friends, and she's even adopted a healthier cancer-fighting diet in the meanwhile. She's had numerous family and friends offering to help her through the surgery and after. And my friends have been really amazing too, offering to help in every way possible. (Hint: Food for after the surgery. ;) Love you guys.)

Nana Visits- June 2013
Mom smooching James in July

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