Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 Months Pregnant 2010

5 Weeks, August 15-21, 2010
San Francisco, CA 2010
Of course, morning sickness decided to strike on the delayed flight home from San Francisco. For the record, Kevin offered to give me his seat and be the one who stood, but I thought it would be quicker if I was the one without a seat. While I was standing around waiting for the flight attendant to give me a seat on the plane, she kept commenting on my bad-attitude face. "What's wrong?" "Nothing." "What's wrong?"

Oh-let-me-see. I am on hour 24 of my travel home, I barely slept last night because my shuttle to my scary hotel was mislabeled, and now I get on the flight to discover my seat is missing. Probably for all these reasons, today is the day that my morning sickness has kicked in and all I want to do is bend over at the waist, or – I don't know – take my seat on the plane. Instead of getting me a seat you want me to stand in the back of the plane and smile.

"Just nauseous."

And that is how I got her to rip the seat cushion off someone else's seat and give to me. Score!

Nonetheless, I had to throw up in the plane bathroom later. I didn't really mind, as it was a sign that I was really pregnant and I felt better immediately after. I lost my appetite but now I figured I had to eat frequently enough to avoid nausea.

When we got home, I took another pregnancy test just to be sure, and I made a doctor's appointment with the doctor Kevin selected for excellence in baby-delivering. Then we went back to the hospital with my dad for an embolization.   The sadness and stress of the situation with dad also made me throw up again.

Mostly I was really tired the rest of the week, unfortunately, I couldn't tell Jaime when she visited and wanted to walk all over creation.  Also, this is really random, but I was no longer able to sit for stretches at a time without my bum being sore. This symptom makes no sense. I was a champion sitter before pregnancy! I am guessing it's another bad consequence of all my muscles being relaxed. The preggo blogs call it sciatic nerve pain, but sometimes the sites say it's not actually that unless it's severe.

Milestones: First morning sickness. According to our baby book, baby's heart is forming and starting to beat.
Craving: Lots of water, Annie's organic mac and cheese, and eel
Anti-craving: Coffee
Symptoms: Nausea!, very tired, sciatic nerve pain
Baby-size: Sesame seed (I was a week off before on size, so sesame seed again this week)
Weight gain: 1 pound

6-7 Weeks, End of August 2010
Flowers for being Pregnant 2010
Flowers for being Pregnant 2010
6 Weeks, August 22, 2010
This week was truly awful. Chrissy's mom passed away from cancer, which made for another very sad week. I felt personally sad about Maureen missing from the world, I felt awful for Chrissy, and I felt awful about telling my parents who knew and liked Maureen and were also fighting cancer. I cried a lot again this week.

Due to my dad's brain radiosurgery, he was on antiseizure medication. But the doctor's made a mistake on his prescription and he had a seizure on Thursday, and he again lost his ability to speak or walk. The doctors advised us to up his antiseizure medication and wait for him to improve again. With my dad in this state, I went to Maureen's funeral on Friday. Heart-breakingly sad. I had to leave after the funeral to help my dad who had not improved after his seizure yet.

On Saturday, Kevin and I went to Patrick and Aubree's wedding, which was lovely. I had trouble eating the yummy wedding dinner and could not dance much because of Baby Clou, so I spent the time chatting and taking pictures. Mom called during the end of the wedding reception and told me that dad was getting worse, so I encouraged her to call an ambulance to bring him to the hospital. Kevin and I left the reception so we could get up early and go back to New Jersey.

Milestones: According to our baby book, the baby's organs (kidneys, liver, lungs, eyes, and ear canals) are forming.
Craving: Cereal, Red fruit, Strawberries (which I never especially liked before), cranberry, raspberry, red grapes, etc. I tried looking this up, and I think I must have been after flavinoids
Anti-craving: Anything fried, fatty, or red meat.
Symptoms: Very thirsty, very hungry (waking up at 4 am hungry), nauseous
Baby-size: Lentil bean
Weight gain: 1 pound

7 Weeks, August 29, 2010
We visited Dad in the hospital on Sunday, while the doctors tested him and decided what to do. Despite his brain radiosurgery, the doctors determined that he needed a regular invasive brain surgery to deal with the swelling around his brain tumor more quickly. The doctors said that if he remained without his ability to walk or talk for too long he might not be able to regain his abilities so it was important to take action now.

He was scheduled for traditional brain surgery on Wednesday. We followed dad all the way to just outside the operating room, and when mom stepped out right before dad went in, I told dad I was pregnant. He couldn't speak but reacted very emotionally and sweetly and seemed happy. I didn't expect him to have such a big reaction though and then I felt bad about getting him worked up before he went into the surgery. It was a very long day of sitting in the waiting room. When he came out, he felt awful, and he didn't show any signs of knowing, so I wasn't sure if he remembered.

Milestones: Telling dad about the baby.  According to our baby book, the baby is growing brain cells, a mouth, tongue, arm and leg buds.
Craving: fruit juice
Anti-craving: red meat, coffee
Symptoms: Nausea
Baby-size: Blueberry
Weight gain: 1 pound

8 Weeks, September 5-11, 2010
We had our first doctor's appointment and the doctor did a sonogram! Once he told us, I was so excited about baby's first picture! But what I wasn't expecting was that I would see a little leg kicking and arm punching out. I didn't expect that the baby already had some sort of volition. I instantly fell in love.  And so much cuteness in 2.45 cm from head to rump. But clearly I was already extremely biased. Kevin was equally excited to hear the heartbeat.

Baby Clou at 8 Weeks 2010
First picture at 8 weeks and 3 days, September 8, 2010

Mom called while I was at the doctor, so I pretty much assumed she was on to me by now. But I asked the doctor and he said in no uncertain terms not to tell my family until Week 12. Sorry, mom.  Dad moved to rehab after the brain surgery and started speaking again little by little.  But things were still extremely tough.  Ash and Janice visited that weekend to cheer me up, and I really wanted to tell them too, but I kept quiet even as I had to subtly ignore the wine they kept pouring for me.

Milestones: First sonogram! Baby kicking and punching spontaneously.
Craving: Fish, cottage cheese, and fake fruit candy
Anti-craving: red meat (though pork doesn't seem gross anymore this week), coffee
Symptoms: nausea
Baby-size: Kidney bean/ raspberry
Weight gain: 2 pounds


Allison said...

What a little peanut!!! The first of many, many, many photos of Baby Clou :)

eralon said...

Very peanut-like. Or kidney bean. Or mole.

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