Friday, October 29, 2010

11 Weeks, September 26, 2010

Our week started with our ultrascreen appointment, which was awesome. We got sonogram photos and even a video of the sonogram.

Baby Clou at 11 Weeks 2010
Our baby at 11 weeks- he or she is awesome

And active!

Then around the 29th I got sick with a cold or flu. It would last for weeks! Sniffling, coughing, achiness. Dad was moved to a less aggressive rehab and then we were off to Cory and Robin's wedding.

Milestones: According to our baby book, the webbed fingers and toes have split into separate fingers and toes with nails starting to grow.  The nose has little nostrils.  If the baby is a girl, she's starting to develop ovaries.
Craving: Cherry-flavored anything and citrus, granola. Honey nut cheerios, tea
Anti-craving: Figs? Hm.
Symptoms: Round ligament pain
Baby-size: Fig
Weight gain: 4 pounds


Ash said...

OMG - it already looks like a baby!!!

eralon said...

And that was 4 weeks ago. I cannot wait for the next sonogram!

Rebeccah said...

That's a great video, just wait till you can feel all those kicks, so much fun!

nabzmcleod said...

the video is crazy! so excited for you guys!

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